Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where I Want to Be

The place where I want to be
Is a peaceful place.
I like it in the morning when the sun
shines and lightens me up
and the wind is cool, that soothes me;
makes me feel fresh.
And the river - where I bath and washes
my face in the morning.
And the bridge at the river, where I
walk and sings.

Yes, and my place is a paradise to me
full of different flowers.
Where I walk and lie down and listen
to the wind and birds.
And yes, the place where I can smile and laugh
and fly myself as I ride in a swing.
And when I'm lonely, I'll sit under the tree
gather myself myrtles and rest.
And when I'll be hungry, I'll satisfy myself
with fresh fruits.
And when the day is about to be over
I'll watch the moon and stars that smiles.
And I'll always remember the place
where I want to be.
That somehow in my memory
I know I have gone here - Already.

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