Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tears of Happiness

by: Aftab Bashir

The greatest sorrow, the deepest pain, the biggest misery and the most worrisome day of life is just a sorrow, a pain, a misery and a day in life that comes and goes without staying for long. Aside from little happiness, these are the elements that constitute most part of our lives. We human can't spend our whole life by just sticking to one sorrow or happiness. Change in joys and change even in sorrows, that's what we always want in life intentionally or unintentionally.

However, we have a nature that is always more prone to sorrows and which has somewhat neglecting attitude towards joys and happiness of life. You may have observed whenever people have to undergo some heartbreak or other sorrow, they usually take considerably longer time to recover and for some people it becomes quite difficult to recover from this sorrow. They become the victim of some disease and sometimes lose their lives. They treat sorrows as their bosom buddy and don't miss any opportunity to be with them, especially at some joyful moments of their lives. Their bosom buddies (sorrows) always bring a present for such occasion called the tears of happiness.

Why it is so? Why people don't remember the joyful moments of their lives when they pass through some sorrow or painful condition in their lives? I never saw someone laughing in painful and tragic condition of his/her life, and if someone laughs in such conditions, it means s/he has driven out of mind and can't be reckoned a normal person anymore. If tears in happiness can appear, why not laughter in pain? Perhaps, it's because of our sorrow-friendly nature.

Good and bad days come in everyone's life, but these days have wings and soon disappear in the mist of time. Time has been created to be passed and the people, who are well aware of this fact, know well how to cope with sorrows, pains and difficulties of life.

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