Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Long Distance Relationship

Love has no boundaries and because it often occur to someone that lives in one country could easily fall in love with someone that lives in a different country. And you would ask: will a long distance relationship work?

Geography can be a great hindrance which lovers have to overcome. There's no doubts that it is easier to develop a relationship with someone that lives next door. You'll be able to ask that person out and enjoy some quality time together to see if you both are compatible. The relationship is rather different if that person lives in a further country, or worse yet, on a different continent.

Long distance relationship can be extremely powerful and at the same time emotional. Most likely you keep in touch with each other by way of writing a love letter, emails or simply talking on the telephone. This way you'll be able to think about the way you imagine the person you're in love with is or the things they think about you. It’s likely that you might be making things up in your thoughts by just misinterpreting the other person's words. At some point, in case you move in together there is a chance that this individual with whom you have been in a long distance relationship with, could possibly turn out to be a completely different person, the opposite of what you have imagined them to be. It could be very disappointing.

Even so, if you are both willing enough to make the long distance relationship work, in that case it's going to work. It will take a lot of trust, devotion, communication, love and commitment. It also will depend on the chance of the distance being eventually overcomed. Sooner or later one among you should leave their friends, family and job just to cut that distance away and it is a huge step that needs to be done to make the relationship work.

It is important to remember that absolutely no quality relationship is easy. All are hard work in their own way. However, in case you have found a person of your dreams, even if that person lives on a different continent, could the distance really be an obstacle for you? You decide.

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  1. Mark said...
    Love has no country, no bounderies, no roads...
    Strip away the physicalities and you are left with two people who must talk and not touch, must want and not see, must sense and not feel.
    It is an opportunity to build a relationship based on trust and on belief.
    Yes they are tough, but no words can describe the rewards that they bring to both <3

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